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Start fast. Move up faster. Hot jobs in foundation repair

foundation repair crew members

If you want a quick start in a career that offers offers a chance to move up fast, this is a great time to take a closer look at the foundation repair industry. Foundation repair companies like Olshan are looking for growth-oriented people now. If you interview first thing in the morning and show up ready to work, there’s a good chance you can start earning the same day.

As if the consistent pay, immediate work and the potential for growth weren’t enough, being a crew member in the foundation repair industry offers even more advantages:

What’s new in the foundation repair industry?

Tired of retail? Sitting at a desk on the phone for long hours? Or working in food service?

A whole new generation of crew members are discovering the advantages of working in the construction and foundation repair industry. Modern companies are replacing the old school field labor model with a new approach that provides a more efficient and safe workday.

Specialized digging machines and other new technologies protect the customer’s property while saving crew time and effort and improving accuracy. It’s important to know that the most reputable employers put a high value on crew safety and supply most of the gear you need. When you start with Olshan, for example, just show up with jeans, closed-toe shoes, and a desire to work – and Olshan takes care of the rest.

Why is the demand so high for foundation repair crews?

You might be wondering why job opportunities in the home service and foundation repair industry are so hot right now. A lot of market factors are at work in the background, but we see two main drivers:

Because of these and other contributing factors, the foundation repair industry is going through a growth phase where demand for new work is expanding faster than the available workforce. In addition, if you’ve been following news of federal infrastructure legislation, private homes are vulnerable to the same forces that cause our public structures to age and wear out. Homeowners also need professional help to keep their properties stable and safe.

What does it take to be a foundation repair crew member?

One of the great things about the foundation repair business is that you can start earning a on your first day with virtually no obstacles. All you really need is the ability to follow basic directions, a willingness to learn, and the self-discipline to be reliable and keep commitments. If you have some construction or foundation repair experience it helps and can immediately slot you into a higher tier of work and pay, but this is a definitely a career where you can start now with what you have.

In Olshan’s case, the process starts with an interview with a Production Manager. You’ll learn a little about the company, have a conversation about your goals and work experience, and fill out some simple paperwork.

You need to be able lift up to 50 pounds, walk on uneven ground, and get to your assigned work locations on time.

After a year on the job, you can become eligible for a retirement savings program and qualify for health benefits after 14 months. You can move up quickly in this business. One of our current General Managers started on a crew six years ago.

There’s a window of opportunity open right now to begin a stable, well-paying path to advancement in the foundation repair industry.  Call us today to find out if a crew position with Olshan Foundation Repair is the career break you’ve been looking for.