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How to land a supervisor job in the hot foundation repair industry

construction crew supervisor

The career outlook for crew members in the foundation repair industry has never looked better. That’s great news in itself, but the news gets better for those who want an opportunity to move up fast and become a construction supervisor. These are high-trust positions with increased pay, but may be overlooked by eligible job seekers because the standards are higher than for regular crew members (who can often get started the same day they interview).

If you’re ready to think bigger about your career path, this is a hot opportunity that’s worth considering.

Here’s an overview of what it takes to become a construction supervisor in the foundation repair business.

Personal qualities that can make you a successful construction supervisor

Dependability. Foundation repair field crews rely on you for their livelihoods. They can’t work without a qualified construction supervisor on site.

Natural Leadership Ability. Construction supervisors that do well in the home service world display confidence and have a knack for helping people find direction and motivation.

Career Driven. Successful construction supervisors tend to think bigger than just trading hours for dollars. They’re looking for a career opportunity that empowers them to move up.

Basic requirements for foundation repair construction supervisors

Beyond professional drive and leadership qualities, the bar is a bit higher for this role than it is for entry-level field crew members. You must be over 21, have a clean driving record, submit to pre-employment drug screening, and be able to pass a background check.

The upside of all of this is that you’re eligible for higher pay and more benefits out of the gate. Packages for construction supervisors include holiday, vacation, and sick pay, on top of insurance eligibility after 14 months and 401(k)/Roth eligibility after one year on the job.

Why construction supervisor jobs are such a hot opportunity right now

The after-effects of the coronavirus pandemic and ongoing supply chain issues have created a huge backlog of demand for essential home and commercial property services like professional foundation repair. That means more opportunity, faster starts, and higher earning potential in major locations that are feeling the impact of these trends.

What this means for you is that if you show up and take the opportunity seriously, you can stay with a family-oriented company like Olshan Foundation Repair for a long time and enjoy plenty of advancement potential. We have regional office managers that started out on the field crew and then advanced to supervisory roles in a few months by demonstrating leadership potential.

Almost anyone that meets the basic screening requirements can get a shot at one of these positions, but there are a couple other “hacks” that can work in your favor and get you special consideration.

First, people who have six months to a year of leadership experience in any field tend to have a competitive edge. Second, if you already have five or more months of hands-on experience in foundation repair, that will also give you a valuable head start.

If you’d like a fast start in a supervisory career that pays well and offers lots of advancement opportunity, we invite you to contact your local Olshan Foundation Repair office to learn more.